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Ben Werchowsky

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Class Of 2021

I am a rising high school senior with a love of physics and music. I am a percussionist and play in my school's marching band and indoor percussion ensemble where I play the marimba and vibraphone.

I was excited when my school counselor nominated me to participate in this program and to receive a partial scholarship towards attendance.

I have always enjoyed the movie "Spy Kids". I love how the kids outwit the bad guys. When I heard that Leadership Initiatives offers students the opportunity to work on real-life problems, I knew I wanted to participate. My job will be to help protect Yobe State University in Nigeria from Boko Haram. I can't imagine having to go to college fearing being attacked by terrorists.

I'm looking forward to learning more about the national security and intelligence field, using my problem-solving skills, and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to intern weekly throughout the year, be mentored by top experts, and get real work experience.

I will meet one-on-one with representatives from all branches of the military, federal agencies, military academies, and private companies to learn about the education and career opportunities available to them. 2020 representatives include The CIA, FBI, Secret Service, West Point, the U.S. Department of State, Navy Seals and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

I will be able to design and propose a security strategy to save lives!

I will have a unique opportunity to work directly with national security experts, learn about the latest intelligence strategies, and implement security strategies to save lives.

I need your financial support to help me participate in the Leadership Initiatives Summit Youth program.




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